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  Task 1 Talk about your vacation activities. Where did they go on vacation? A: Where did you go on vacation, Neal? B: I went to the beach with my sister. A: Did you have sea food there? B: Yes, we did. A: What did you do there? B: The water was very warm, and we had a swim there. Listen again and fill in the chat. What does Vera think about? Her vacation The museums The stores The people The food great interesting, crowded expensive friendly delicious 峙洁汉综安剂请于猿岔俭宁屉凹欠缔败师叔啥灶趴耳诸逻加杨嫂勇滞横碴Unit10heredidyougoonvacation课件(haibinbb)Unit10heredidyougoonvacation课件(haibinbb) Girl 1: Hi, Vera. ________________________________? Vera: It was great! Girl 1: _________________________________? Vera: I went t Tokyo with my family. Girl1: Really? Wow! ______________________? Vera: Well, we went to a lot of museums. Girl 1: Oh, ____________________? Vera: They were really interesting. But they were also very crowed. Girl 1: _________________________? Vera: Yeah, I did. Girl 1: ________________________? Vera: Oh, they were very expensive. Girl 1: __________________________? Did you meet any Japanese people? Vera: Yeah,___________________________. My parents have some Japanese friends and we had dinner at their house. Girl 1: ________________________? Vera: It was delicious. I love Japanese food. How was your vacation? Where did you go? What did you do there? how were they? Did you go shopping? How were the stores? And how were the people? the people were really friendly. How was the food? 齿恿拌端幢妨圆贸带毅晌钝吵檬捞悔幢渡拯谬梗搐泼魔蓖供柴召煤喉轰草Unit10heredidyougoonvacation课件(haibinbb)Unit10heredidyougoonvacation课件(haibinbb) 2c Pairwork: Role play. Student A is Vera’s friend. Student B is Vera. Talk about Vera’s vacation. Use the information in the chart above. Student A begins your questions with these words. Where did …? What did…? Did you…? How was…? How were…? You can ask the student to write down these conversations. Or give this as homework. 鞭晋殿植起酉讲需驯痒遮谐爸方伟侄伍谎娶溯太铸宅吾糯嫂噎疑旬罩奢疗Unit10heredidyougoonvacation课件(